Our BPM Quality Standards

We have mastered the art of providing high quality BPM solutions!

At G7CR, Quality is of prime importance. We believe in sustaining the quality of the services rendered by us, as quality is the crucial factor, concerning the growth and success of the business. We have a process in which every call, and the conversations taking place between the representative and our valued customers, is monitored. These services don't just satisfy but far exceed the expectations of our clients.

✔ The Quality Assurance team keeps a close eye on every associate and their incentives depends largely on the basis of their monitored performance.

✔ Frequent evaluation of reports for every associate is carried out to judge their conformity with the script, product and the service-specific information.

✔ Supervisors provide whispered coaching to on-line associate to provides an immediate solution when our associate are online with the customers.

✔ Moreover, test calls by prospective / existing clients are also readily welcome at all times.